Interaction Designer

Dave Opincarne

Interaction Designer
I’m good with tools and I’m good at solving problems. I’ve been doing both for most of my working life – first in industry as a toolmaker and patternmaker, then as a user experience/interaction designer. I’m fascinated with how people use tools – both physical and digital – to complete tasks. My objective is to help people solve problems and change their world by providing them with the tools they need.

Dave’s compelling and original, user-centered designs, as well as his ability to design within business and client constraints were key to our successful delivery for the duration of our contract. Beyond his design skills, his ability to sell a design, and lead and direct discussion allowed Dave to easily integrate in to a variety of projects and facilitate project progress. Dave could be relied upon to accomplish the mission whether he had solo or group tasks, which was of great importance to our small interdisciplinary team.

Kate Beltran, PMP, CPCM
Director at tiagĀ®

Dave is quite simply one of the best people I’ve worked with. I’ve grown to rely on Dave in a variety of situations and he has never let me down. As a designer, he is a perfectionist and has the highest level of attention to detail I’ve ever seen. As an employee, he never misses a deadline and always goes above and beyond the requested task. I’ve been very impressed with his ability to multi-task and thoroughly investigate, always finding a solution when a problem is presented. I’ve felt extremely lucky to have gotten to work with Dave on a long-term project and I’d recommend him a thousand times over without hesitation.

Kirsti Rochon
Owner/Designer at Kirsti Rochon Design